Different Ways to Make Your Wedding Catering in San Antonio, TX an Even Enjoyable Feast

Memorable Wedding Feast for You and Your Guests

Thinking of ways on how your guests could enjoy your wedding feast even more? Well, there is no need for you to be more glamorous when it comes to your wedding flowers, food and drinks. All it takes are a little bit of your imagination, focusing on your guests’ convenience, and out-of-the-box ideas. How can you make your wedding catering in San Antonio, TX a little bit more fun?

5When you want to focus on how you can make everything very convenient for your guests, then why don’t you consider having a buffet catering style? Yes, a plated dinner served by a waiting staff is easier and gives a formal touch to your catering. However, you are taking the liberty away from your guests to choose the food they really want to eat and just to bypass those which they think will not satisfy their taste buds. Buffet catering style is self-service. Yes, your guests will have to stand in line to get their own food but this is also a good opportunity for them to mingle with the other guests. You can’t expect them to just sit down the whole dinner and do nothing, right? Plus, you also get to avoid that much leftovers on the plates as your guests will likely only take what they can finish eating.

If you will be going for a buffet catering style, then this is also a good chance to increase your food selection. Don’t stick to just one type of food or cuisine. Have as many food stations as you can. It would also be better if there is a station where a chef can do a cooking demonstration of the guest’s food. This will boost their appetite even more. Why not go for unusual recipe dishes too? Infuse your catering foreign cuisine that your guests will also love. Some even serve comfort foods like pizza, ice cream, burgers, doughnuts, and more which are very unusual for wedding events. You can also prepare a chocolate fountain and then for other cool dessert ideas. Desserts are just one of the most anticipating parts of wedding catering.

Why not have a barbecue party? This is perfect for outdoor wedding venues. Have a separate station for meat barbecue and vegetable barbecue. A wedding catering in San Antonio, TX is more fun this way as this is less formal and barbecues are also easier to eat. This is also where finger and on-stick foods could come in. You can easily attract your guests with this. Finger and on-stick foods are the best during cocktail hour. With this, your guests can walk around the venue and meet with other guests too while waiting for the celebration to proceed.


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