Florist’s Preparation of Wedding Flowers

On your wedding day, you are telling a story to your guests by the way you wear your gown, wear makeup, and fix your hair and many others. Another element that should complement the rest of the wedding is the flowers. It is almost impossible not to see flowers on a wedding event. It is because flowers add beauty to the theme, whether it’s modern or vintage.

wedding flowers

Now, let’s get to know how florist prepares flowers for wedding celebration. You might be busy preparing for some other things but sometimes it pays a lot when you know the whole process so you can do it by yourself next time.

(1) Tools
There are two basic tools when preparing for flowers: floral clippers or floral knife. It is imperative that these tools are really sharp so you really need to be extra careful, especially with the knife. These tools are used for cutting the stems of the flower. As much as possible, there should be an angle when cut them, like 45 degrees, so they can drink water when being placed on the vase.

(2) Measure
The next thing to do is measure the height of the flower. The least thing that you need to worry is submerging the foliage into the water which will be the cause of some pungent odor later on. You really need to make sure that the foliage, like leaves, will not submerge into the water.

(3) Estimate the water flow
For flowers which have big stems, it is important that you need to do extra more effort when cutting them. Aside from the 45 degree angle process, you need to add some more cuts for the stem so that it could drink up a lot of water to sustain the bloom or the petal. You can use your clippers to open up the woody stem. Failure to do this will lead to the early demise of your bridal blooms. The last thing you need to worry is your roses withering on the day of the wedding.

(4) Know the kind of blooms
There are a number of flowers out there so you might be confused which one you should pick. The best thing to start with is picking the blooms which last longer. There are some blooms that are too fragile; it means that they only last a day. If you are going to feature these kinds of fragile blooms on your wedding day, advice the florist to pick the flowers on the day itself so that it will look fresh.

How florist prepares flowers for wedding celebration is really amazing. They can always do magic with the wedding flowers in order to make the wedding memorable. If you are planning to have different bridal flowers featured in the chapel, reception area and others, make sure that you talk to the florist first.

Your professional florists have vast experience when it comes to the type of flowers, designs and ways to preserve the flowers. There are a number of dependable florists out there so you need to pick which one enervates your style the most.